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Earth Odysseys Ed-ventures

…… turn, and see the stars, and feel the free
shrill wind beyond the close of heavy flowers
and through the music of the languid hours,
they hear like ocean on a western beach
the surge and thunder of the Odyssey.
- A. Lang

Earth Odysseys innovative training programs and customized journeys of discovery (Ed-ventures) honor the spirit of the individual traveler in connection to the world and the broader spirit of learning. As the story of Odysseus is at the same time one story and a collection of myths from many times and places, Earth Odysseys Ed-ventures support individual learning, and help to bring forth the collective story built of many cultures, values, and ways of seeing the world.

Earth Odysseys Ed-ventures offer a new way of learning based on uncovering the underlying "local" wisdom inherent to you and your circumstances, and connecting that with the natural environment and cultural perspectives.

The Ecology of Connection

Through years of working with communities and individuals around the world, we at Earth Odysseys have learned that information becomes understanding through a complex process that includes personal history, scientific and technical knowledge, traditional experience, spiritual belief and cultural myth. Out of the tension of opposites - the paradoxes - comes the creativity to solve problems and change in a way that honors our values. It is in developing healthy interactions between our personal and professional, rational and spiritual, creative and traditional sides that determines whether we truly attain the goals we seek.

Our Ed-ventures are about furthering the connections between people, cultures, organizations and the natural and human-built environments, by integrating resources, broadening understanding, and creating opportunities for balance, success, and sustainability.

In our continuing journey to develop programs that assist people in their own adventures of growth and change, Earth Odysseys is developing new offerings for 2005 and beyond.

NEW! Inner and Outer Journeys of Discovery will allow you to approach change through personal and spiritual growth, liberally mixed with natural science, outdoor activities, journaling, and workshops. Set in beautiful natural environments around the world, these Journeys of Discovery use nature-based learning, metaphor and hands-on experiences, while connecting you to local cultures. These Inner and Outer Journeys frequently provide opportunities to add value to communities we visit through work projects, and assisting with environmental research. We will be offering these Journeys in Mexico, Alaska, Vietnam, and the Pacific Northwest and the East Coast of the United States.

We are in the process of updating this website to express these new offerings. Please visit us again soon!

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